Masters in Education produces seeds & growth: By Kevin Pielak

Future directions

The future is looking up; after working on my Masters, I now have the roots and the foundation to continue learning how to help students with special needs. The research and technologies are growing stronger and better with time. Governments are recognizing the importance of early detection and
intervention testing newborns hearing for example has recently been implemented also the education system is becoming more effective at catching those young students who may fall through the cracks. Computer technologies are also assisting special needs students in many areas. The accommodations that can be achieved with computer technology has in some cases made the needs of some students with special needs become invisible. It is extremely exciting to be a part of this new research and innovation.

We are becoming more successful at changing the environment for the student rather than having the student adapt to our environment.  Technology is helping teachers adapt their teaching methods in a manner that all students including students with special needs can now understand. We no longer expect the plant or the child to adapt to our environment. We no longer are limited to the white board or the overhead projector. We can begin to teach to all students while accessing more of their individual learning needs. Fewer students will fade away and just as all the plants in a single garden will flourish if they have just the right acidity in the soil. The environment is not too cold are not too hot it is just right and they are getting just the right amount of water and sun and instead of withering away the plant will flourish and grow to its full potential.