Masters in Education produces seeds & growth: By Kevin Pielak

Goal 3    
To apply understanding and knowledge to my own teaching practice.

Of course the final and ultimate goal that I wanted to achieve after understanding the characteristics of different disabilities and how to use strategies and teaching techniques to help students overcome the difficulties they encountered. I wanted to bring this knowledge and skill to my very own teaching practice. I was able to use many of the techniques that I learned at UBC through my courses in my classrooms and in the following artifacts I will explain how this was done and in some cases give you some concrete examples of what I used in the class.
For my first article, (EPSE 516) I produced a slideshow presentation in which I discussed the need to teach morality (right
and wrong) to our students in shop class. Producing skilled workers is nice but producing workers who operate their business with honesty and integrity is just as important if not more important.

For my second article, ( EPSE Independent) I developed a poster that discusses why and how to teach students with visual
impairments in the shop class.

For my third article, (EPSE 590) I produced a slideshow presentation that goes over 10 tips that I felt were the most
important items that I gleaned from my experience at UBC and in my years of teaching shop classes. I hope these tips will help other shop teachers understand and help their students that have special needs within the shop classes.