Masters in Education produces seeds & growth: By Kevin Pielak

Goal 2    
To gain knowledge about various teaching methods and strategies to help those students with special needs.

After I learnt about the different characteristics of disabilities I then wanted to know what the different teaching methods and strategies that I can use to help these students with special needs. Once again the courses are UBC offered me many instances where I could learn different
strategies to assist my students. Just as the gardener needs to know
the different methods of replenishing the soil, providing more or less heat, water or sunlight to the plant so it can grow properly.

For my first artifact,(EPSE 503) I wrote a paper on Vygotsky’s concepts on how we learn within our society through social interaction and how this would influence how we teach shop classes.

For my second artifact, (EPSE 503) is the slideshow that goes along with the Vygotsky paper.

For my third article, (EPSE 515A) I wrote a grant proposal for school wide PBS with another student Sandy Basra. This slideshow goes over why PBS positive behavior support is so effective when used school wide. It also goes over how to implement school wide PBS in a school.