Masters in Education produces seeds & growth: By Kevin Pielak
Courses Taken

EPSE 590 Graduating Seminar in Educational Psychology and Special Education

EPSE 531 Curriculum-Based Assessment and Intervention                                                     AUD

EPSE 526 Seminar in Specific Learning Disabilities

EPSE 516 Seminar in the Development and Education of Highly Able and Creative Learners

EPSE 515A Seminar in Behaviour Disorders

EPSE 514 Seminar in Behaviour Disorders

EPSE 512 Critical Issues in Special Education

EPSE 505 Foundations in Human Development: Infancy to Adulthood

EPSE 503 Cultural Perspectives on Learning, Development and Media

EPSE 483 Reading and Interpreting Research in Education                                                     PRE MED

EPSE 449 Education of Students with Autism

EPSE 433 Assessment and Positive Behavioural Support in School and Community Settings

EPSE 431 Programming for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

EPSE 317 Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom

EPSE 316 Learning Disabilities                                                                                             PRE MED